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Your personal eye exam may include the following tests and procedures.

  • Record your health history and lifestyle: The condition of your eyes and visual needs may be affected by these factors.
  • Examine your present glasses by using a computerized lens analyzer.
  • Use a computerized autoperimeter to assess your peripheral vision.
  • Recently acquired a new Optos machine that takes better quality photos.
  • Determine the curvature of your cornea using an autokeratometer.
  • Inspect the retina at the back of your eye by dilating the pupils. This will also help to determine the health of the blood vessels; especially important for diabetes and high blood pressure. Evaluate the macula for macular degeneration.
  • Perform an in-depth exam of all structures within the eyeball, including an evaluation of the lens for cataract formation.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, dry eyes, and allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Determine a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

If anything is found during your compressive exam, special tests may be ordered.

  • For glaucoma testing we may order a computer with controlled tonometer, visual field analyzer, Cirrus HD-OCT, Dyopsis ERG/VEP, Gonioscopy and Pachymetry testing.
  • An optical coherence tomographer (OCT) for the diagnosis and management of retinal disease and glaucoma. This is an essential tool for noninvasive invivo analysis of retinal tissue.
  • We provide laser vision correction consultation and post op care.

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