Your personal eye exam may include the following tests and procedures.

• Record your health history and lifestyle: The condition of your eyes and visual needs may be affected by these factors.

• Perform glaucoma testing by using a computer with controlled tonometer, visual field analyzer, Cirrus HD-OCT, Dyopsis ERG/VEP, Gonioscopy and Pachymetry.

• Perform an in-depth exam of all structures within the eyeball, including an evaluation of the lens for cataract formation.

• Inspect the retina at the back of your eye by dilating the pupils. This will also help to determine the health of the blood vessels; especially important for diabetes and High Blood pressure. Evaluate the macula for Macular Degeneration.

• Use an optical coherence tomographer (OCT) for the diagnosis and management of retinal disease and glaucoma. This is an essential tool for noninvasive invivo analysis of retinal tissue.

• Use a computerized autoperimeter to measure your peripheral vision.

• Determine the curvature of your cornea using an autokeratometer.

• Examine your present glasses by using a computerized lens analyzer.

• Determine a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

• Provide laser vision correction consultation.

Dr. Harris recently purchased an optical coherence tomographer (OCT) for the early detection of retinal disorders and glaucoma. He is currently the only optometrist in the Davison-area to provide patients with this latest technology. Also, to better serve patients, Dr. Harris has a laboratory to edge lenses on site. Dr. Harris is an independent practitioner committed to giving the patient, the very best eye care. If he, or a member of his staff can be of further assistance, please call the office or stop by at your convenience. We look forward to serving you and providing excellent vision care to meet the needs of your family and friends for many years.



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